What happens?

After both parties have made individual contact with the Mediator by phone or email, the first meeting will be arranged. The Mediator will initially meet each of the parties separately.  If all are happy to proceed the first session will be a general discussion about the issues in order to agree an agenda for the forthcoming sessions. If there are urgent issues these can be discussed at that first meeting.  If financial matters are to be dealt with within the mediation both parties will be given forms to complete in order to present financial disclosure at the following sessions.

How does it work?

Family Mediation works by allowing both parties to talk about the issues they are facing around a table with a trained and qualified Family Mediator who can guide and manage the discussions. Both parties themselves retain control of the process and this empowers them to reach decisions affecting their lives and their futures. The presence of the Mediator gives them the confidence that the discussions and decisions are managed professionally and impartially.

What is it?

Family Mediation includes both parties to the relationship, whether married or not, meeting with a Mediator to reach decisions about their separation.  These discussions and agreements may concern making the best arrangements for children, sorting out money and property matters or dealing with other practicalities.  

Mediation is the alternative to going to Court.  It avoids the stress, cost and uncertainty of appearing in front of a Judge, the lengthy time taken to bring a case to Court and the hours that can be spent waiting for the hearing. Mediation allows the parties themselves to be in control of the time frame and cost, which immediately improves their emotional well being, making an amicable resolution all the more possible.

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